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RB Africa Wild Coast Challenge


This event takes place in the Transkei where there is limited access to the route by road. In the event of an emergency our medics may take several hours to reach participants.



  • Participants must have comfortably completed a 21 km trail in under 4 hours (between 1 Sept 2023 – 31 January 2024)

  • Participants must be able to comfortably swim 50m in a river and/or open water.

  • Participants must enter with a partner or group of a similar ability.

What is the Wild Coast Challenge?

The WCC is a three day stage event covering 120 km through the untamed trails of the Transkei.

  • What are dates for 2024?

Thurs 7 - Sat 9 March


Shuttle leaves East London Weds 6 March Feb @ 10h00 sharp!

  • How far are the daily distances?

    • Day One: approx 43 km
      (The Haven - Kob Inn Hotel)

    • Day Two: approx 40 km
      (Kob Inn - Seagulls)

    • Day Three: approx 45 km
      (Seagulls - Crawfords Beach Lodge)


  • What is the route?

The route is completely unmarked, the only advice from race organiser Liam Victor being- ‘keep the sea on your left.’


It covers mixture of terrains, comprising virgin beach stretches, rocks and boulders, grassy hillocks, narrow goat paths, sand dunes, hiking trails, old Jeep tracks and short sections of gravel.

  • What are the daily cut off times?

There are no cut off times.  ​

  • Where do we stay?

Accommodation is at four of the best hotels the Wild Coast has to offer: The Haven, Kob Inn, Seagulls and Crawfords Beach Lodge.

How do I enter?

  • How much does it cost?

The cost for 2024 is R 9450​.

  • What is included in the entry fee?

    • 4 nights dinner, bed, & breakfast  in 4 of the best Wild Coast hotels 

    • Awesome box filled with goodies.

    • Race T-shirt

    • Customised Funky Pants

    • Medical assistance (to a point)

    • Transport from East London to starting point

    • Bucket list - tick

    • Adventure of a lifetime

  • When do entries open?

Entries open on 1 May 2023.

There is limited space available. Once the event is full, entries will go onto a waiting list and be allocated on a first come first served basis, as place become available.

  • How do I enter?

Download an entry form, fill it in and send it back to us. 

Your spot is secured  by payment of a  non refundable R 500 deposit. The balance of your payment is due by 30 Nov 2024. Your entry is confirmed by full payment only. Payment plan available.

  • I have never done a stage event before, will I make it?

In order to enter this event you must be able to complete a 21 km trail event in under 4 hours. 


  • What must I carry?

Participants must carry all items on the compulsory kit list as well as their hydration and food for each day

Boxes will be transported and waiting at each overnight stop.

Everyone must have a flotation device / dry bag that can be blown up to assist with flotation.

  • Are there water points?

There is one water point a day where you can refuel, fill up with water and get medical attention.

  • What  about the rivers?

There are several rivers which you will need to swim across. All participants must be confident swimmers and be able to use their flotation devices. River crossings should be done with a buddy.  Only the Mbashe and Kei River crossings are supported with canoes / boat.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are adequately equipped to cross rivers.

  • Is it a competitive event?

No, there are no podium prizes. Every evening there are lucky draw prizes.

  • Can my non running partner join me?

Absolutely! Please contact us to organise this. You can also opt for partners/family to join you on the last night at Crawfords Beach Lodge.


The kit listed below must be carried every day:

  • Flotation device / dry bag that can be blown up to assist with flotation

  • Water bottle / hydration pack with minimum capacity of 1.5l

  • Wind breaker / rain jacket

  • Mobile phone with RSA reception and emergency numbers stored in a dry bag

  • Snacks for running – be prepared in case the medics cannot get to the water points.

  • Basic medical kit including strapping tape.

  • Cash – to tip the ferrymen and in case of emergency

  • Space blanket


  • All entrants will be required to submit proof by 31 January 2024 that they have completed a 21 km trail in under 4 hours (between 1 Sept 2023 – 31 January 2024) and that they can confidently swim 50m in a river and/or open water Proof must be in the form of an official event result or a Garmin / Strava submission with accompanying affidavit. Proof of swimming ability may be an official certification or video and affidavit. Participants must be comfortable using a flotation device in a flowing current.

  • All entrants must enter with a partner/s of a similar ability with whom they will cross all rivers and may be required to finish each day. The organisers may decide to start participants in batches for safety purposes. Batches will start together and may be required to wait for all members of their batch at predetermined points.

  • This event is not a race. Participants may be requested to wait for other runners in the interest of safety.

  • Participants are required to cross  several rivers. Canoes are guaranteed for the Mbashe crossing only. Participants must be comfortable using their own flotation device. No river crossing may be attempted alone. If uncomfortable, participants must wait for the sweeper to assist with the river crossing.

  • The route is unmarked. It covers a mixture of virgin beach stretches, rocks and boulders, single cattle track, hiking trails, old Jeep track, and sections of gravel. The sea remains at all times on your left.

  • In case of emergency, alert a race director, medic or nearest fellow athlete. Note that there may not be cellphone reception at all times – please try and get to the nearest point of signal and inform the race directors of your situation and location.

  • There will be no cut-off points along the route, everyone will complete each day.

  • Everyone is required to pack their belongings in a box which will be transport to the next destination each day. The boxes are  L61cm x W41cm x H34cm

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